Monday, March 19, 2012

The End of Showchoir Season

Showchoir season flew by in a rush of short weekends spent entirely at competitions and long rehearsals during which it took all my patience not to punch out the guy behind me. I'm still conflicted about the end of it all. It's great to have weekends back but it's sad to think I'll never be a part of a competitive showchoir again.

There were big ups to it: the friends made, the great performances, seeing other great shows, making finals, as well as the big downs: frustrating results, long rehearsals, getting mad at each other and making the director mad at us. Overall, it's definitely a commitment I'm glad I made (as well as an easy A!).

I think selfish as it may be, the highlight for me was my solo. It was awesome having so much support from our group and getting so many compliments from people about it. It was also great to see how much I improved over the course of the season as I got more comfortable with singing by myself in front of gymnasiums full of people every weekend.

Our home show was also a highlight for me. Meeting groups from all around the midwest and getting to feel like a pro showing people how to get to places around MY school was pretty awesome and totally worth being at school for 18 hours straight. The group we were assigned to look after was a good one and it was neat seeing them at shows after that because we had our own secret bond going on.

Showchoir (and marching band too) is definitely something NZ schools should look into, it's a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure a lot of high schoolers would love the opportunity to be like the people on "Glee." Personally I got a lot out of it and I'm going to miss it now that the competitions are done.

We still have two more performances this year and a whole new show to learn for them so it's an ongoing thing until graduation in June. Singing and dancing with the showchoir is an experience that I'm sure my grandchildren will hear about one day!

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