Friday, October 12, 2012

An Update on Life

I haven't blogged in two months and that's partially because the things worth writing about happen too infrequently to post more regularly and partially because I don't very often have the motivation to write a few hundred words on things that have just happened. It's nice to take some time between living something and remembering it. Anyways here's an update on things that have happened in the last two months.

 In August I got a job at McDonald's which I worked roughly 3 days a week for a month before quitting due to a huge personality clash with one of the managers who ended up being rostered on all the same shifts as me. It was an interesting experience, I can't really complain seeing my bank account is $1000 up on where it would've been had I not been working there.

A couple of weeks after resigning from McDonald's I got to tag along with my grandma on a trip to Sydney, Australia which was awesome and I'll go into detail on that in the next post. Unfortunately I was only able to spend 4 days there, as I had to be back in the motherland for my grandfather's 70th birthday party.

I'd been a little bit depressed due to not having a job and missing Wisconsin which are an awful combination of things. Missing Wisconsin means I need money to get back to Wisconsin and not having a job means no income which means I feel awful because I'm not getting any closer to home that way. The trip to Sydney helped to take my mind off of that a little bit.

When I got back from Sydney, mum said that the research project she works for needed someone to do some data entry for them. To make a long story short, I'm now working there most days doing that. I have a stack of questionnaire things to enter into their database which should take me another 4 weeks from now.

As if that wasn't good enough news, I had another short term job opportunity come up doing office temp work for a company that someone I babysat for once works at. I'm working there Wednesdays 9 to 5 for 5 weeks. It's on the 12th floor of a building in the middle of the city so I get amazing views while I'm at work and I'm able to have lunch down on the waterfront which is pretty awesome.

Aside from that I turned 19 yesterday, an age at which nothing exciting happens whatsoever. I went out for dinner at a nice Japanese place with family last night and plan to go to town with friends tonight which could be a slightly dangerous venture.

That's about all that's happened in the last couple of months of life in NZ. The next post will be about my trip to Sydney.

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