Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thoughts From an Aeroplane Bound for Vancouver

In my spare time I try to push myself to free-write whenever I have a pen, a particular writing book and enough ambition. My usual exercise is to write non-stop until I've filled a page in this particular book which usually takes close to ten minutes at a casual writing pace. The following is largely one of these free-writes from the flight to Vancouver mostly used to put my mind at ease and to try to make myself feel tired so I could sleep on the plane:

Aeroplanes are great thought incubators. Even more so when you're trapped on one for roughly 12 hours.

You get through a movie, knock back a drink and before you know it, you're bored with the screen in front of you and you've killed a grand total of 2 hours.

To say the very least I'm excited. I am 10 hours away from the adventure I've been working towards in some way or another for almost 2 years. I am also terrified. This may surprise most of those who know me but I always am terrified when travelling far from home. I should hope that I always will be. Fear goes hand in hand with excitement and there's nothing like a leap of faith into the unknown to bring a welcome helping of both. 

North America is hallowed ground to me. It has held a sense of home for a while. I am ready for this. 

I have with me my favourite person, without whom this adventure would be less than half as exciting.

These are the thoughts and feelings that occupy my mind at what must be about 10.15 p.m. New Zealand time. They are the culmination of the planning, waiting, dreaming that has brought me to this plane seat.

I have a cue of good music lined up. As I come to the end of this page, my next time-wasting tactic is to listen myself to sleep as the mid-flight game plan on these long hauls so often is. This has been a long time coming and I could not be more grateful for the harmonious way in which everything has timed out. 

Roll on Vancouver

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