Thursday, December 29, 2011

Homecoming Week

About a month or so after school started we had our homecoming week. Homecoming is a college tradition where alumni would "come home" on a predetermined date to watch a football game at the college they graduated from. It sort of became a big celebration for some reason. Anyways most high schools seem to have adopted the tradition somewhat. It's much less about the alumni thing at high school and much more about school spirit.

Every day of homecoming week had a different dress-up theme and on the friday night there was the homecoming game between the Fort Atkinson Blackhawks and the Monona Grove Silver Eagles. I was playing with the band for that game so as with most home games only really saw the last quarter. We were well beaten which was our first loss for the season. I think that might have been our only regular season loss (we ended up going to the playoffs against a high school in Green Bay and losing there to end the season).

High schools also have a dance to celebrate homecoming. Our dance was on the saturday and I went with a friend of mine who is a Sophomore at Fort. It was a pretty interesting night much like a ball after party where everyone's all dressed up relatively well and going crazy to an assortment of energetic dance music.

We started off the night with a dinner at another sophomores house where there were around 10 of us and then were driven to the dance which was held in the high school commons which is where they set up all the lunch tables for us to eat at during school. It's weird how you can transform a place into whatever you need it to be used for like that. The homecoming dance was one of the best experiences I've had so far, it was a very enjoyable night. I'm still not sure at the moment whether I want to go to winter ball or prom when they happen (I didn't go to our halloween dance in october).

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