Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter and the Start of Showchoir Season

Winter has officially hit Wisconsin. The ground outside is white and the weather is around 30-35 (-1 to +2 celsius). I'm loving the snow, it's the first white winter I've ever really experienced. Along with the cold weather and beautiful snow everywhere comes showchoir season. We have had 3 shows so far with one of them being a competition. Music is proving to be a good way to see the state as between marching band back in fall, showchoir and jazz I have managed to get around a lot.

The competition we went to was in a town called Onalaska which is about 3 hours drive from Fort but took us about 5 hours to get to because it was snowing pretty heavily when we left. We stayed the night in a hotel there and competed the next day which was a saturday. It was neat hanging out with people from the group that I usually don't talk to much, overnight trips are great for bonding.

At Onalaska high school it was weird because they had a bunch of photographs and news clippings of ice hockey players, it's strange to think there are high schools here with their own ice hockey teams. We didn't make finals for the comp but it was a really great experience and we performed the best we had yet so can't complain much about that.

That same weekend we had a show at home as an exhibition type thing to show off the showchoir from Fort middle school and the two high school groups (We have an all girls showchoir as well as the one I'm in which is kind of like our second group and is made up of freshmen and sophomores). We were all super tired from the travel but we still performed it pretty well, things are always easier when you're performing at home.

Onalaska was a really good opportunity to see some great choirs perform and to hang with some awesome people from Fort. It snowed most of the time we were there so I got to enjoy that too. It's funny because I get really excited and roll around in the snow and make snow angels while everyone looks at me weird because they've had it all their lives. I love being the foreigner sometimes. Next post will be about our jazz trip to Lacrosse, Wisconsin which happened last weekend.

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