Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spring Play

During the spring I not only joined an athletic team but I joined an entirely different team of players. I auditioned for the school's spring play which this year was "You Can't Take It With You", a very funny comedy about an eccentric New York family who, through an unlikely marriage, are forced to play host to a snooty, high society family.

I was cast as the boisterous Russian ballet teacher, Boris Kolenkhov. My character is virtually part of the family, often turns up unannounced and is very opinionated, especially when it comes to ballet. I had a lot of fun playing him and received many positive comments about the show.

The whole process took roughly two months (at least as I remember it) and was very exciting. I haven't had much of a chance to do theatre for a long time so this was a welcome return for me to the stage lights. There wasn't too much drama behind the scenes, which was also a welcome occurrence and all in all everyone was a joy to work with.

We played four shows, including a sunday matinee, and rehearsed several times a week. During performance week I had to give up baseball to fulfill my theatrical commitments but it wasn't much of an issue. Our performances all went smoothly and everyone really stepped it up when opening night rolled around. I was extremely proud of all of our performances.

The cast and crew of the spring play became like family to me. We spent so much time together: fighting, sharing in frustrations, working and having fun. We grew a lot as an organisation and I'm going to miss people from the play just a little bit more than most other people. It was an awesome experience and I'm sure that it's not the last I'll see of my fellow cast members.

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