Friday, June 15, 2012

"Winter Ball" and Prom

I just realized there are two dances that I have forgotten to mention so I'm going to talk about them in this post.

Winter ball actually ended up happening in spring and was aptly re-titled as "Spring Fling." It was relatively entertaining, I had a lot of stuff going on at the time and so was pretty disorganized about it. I bought my clothes during the day from the local goodwill store (which incidentally had the exact outfit I wanted) and went with a friend of mine which we decided midway during the week with the dance that weekend. I'm glad I went to winter ball but I was pretty stressed out, we had the district music solo/ensemble competition the day of the dance so I was pretty tightly wound with that experience, I competed with a percussion ensemble and jazz ensemble but I'll talk about that in its own post.

Prom took place a few weeks after winter ball (I'm not entirely sure on time frame, possibly a month-month and a half between the two.) I went with another friend of mine, she asked me so that made things easier for me. I had to rent a tux for that one but I looked pretty spiffy so I didn't complain too much. I had a black tux with a silver vest and silver bow-tie. Hannah (my date) wore a purple dress which was absolutely gorgeous (may attach photos later).

Prom is run by the junior class ( the ones that are in their 2nd to last year of high school) and they chose for the theme to be "The Lion King." They decorated the stage in the auditorium like pride rock and we had the grand march where each pair gets announced and walks across stage in front of everyone, it was all very exciting. They had music from "The Lion King" playing in the auditorium during the grand march too which was awesome.

Before the dance we went out to eat at a lovely little place just outside of Fort called Cold Spring Inn. It's an old restaurant/bar with a really nice homey feel to it. Unfortunately we had some car trouble so we ended up being a little later than we first planned on being to the high school. We got there on time for the grand march though so it all worked out.

I had a great time at prom hanging out with people, it was one of the best nights I've had all year. It was kind of similar to homecoming in feel, generally just a lot of people having a good time in the middle of the school. I should mention that on the day of prom we had state solo/ensemble which we qualified for at the afore-mentioned district competition. I wasn't as stressed out after that day though, we got really good results at state, which again I'll discuss in its own post.

Prom was great, we got cute little tickets which hopefully I'll have photos of at some stage that were basically little wooden discs with a neat lion head thing printed on them. Prom was an awesome American experience which I'd recommend to anyone who may ever get the chance to go (do it at least once).

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